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Survey & Beyond

INSB Class belongs to the leading Non IACS ship Classification Societies and is well regarded as a highly competent and trustworthy provider within the maritime industry.

INSB society has developed its own set of Rules & Regulations, relevant to ships design, construction and operational maintenance, in line with IACS unified requirements.

Design and Construction requirements, the scope of tests and surveys are defined by the Rules for Ship Classification and Construction. INSB Class confirms a ship’s compliance with these requirements by issuing a Certificate of Ship’s Classification and by entering into the society’s Register of Ships.

INSB Class rules require that every classed vessel shall be subject to periodic surveys throughout its service life to determine whether it is maintained in accordance with classification standards.

Classification Surveys are based on a regular five-year cycle including Annual Surveys, an Intermediate Survey and a comprehensive Special Survey including dry docking or underwater inspection in lieu of dry docking twice in a five year period.

INSB surveyors also attend repairs and / or modifications to determine that the work performed returns the unit to a condition that conforms to the INSB Rules.

Services rendered by INSB Class include:

  • Ship classification scheme including periodic surveys for maintenance of class.
  • Surveys & supervision on site for ships during construction.
  • Engineering studies, plan approval & technical review & calculations services.
  • Statutory surveys & certification.
  • ISM & ISPS systems assessment & certification.
  • MLC 2006 assessments and verifications.
  • Technical interpretation and consultancy services.
  • Surveys of Damage, Modification or repairs.

Our Recognitions

INSB Class has been delegated by an extended number of Flag Administrations to act on their behalf for the conduct of statutory surveys and certification in accordance with the IMO international conventions and codes, as well as with national requirements pertaining to ship safety and for the prevention of marine pollution.

As an authorized Recognized Organization, INSB performs surveying and certification activities directly relevant to the major international conventions and codes including:

  • Load Lines
  • AFS
  • BWM
  • MARPOL 7 Annexes
  • MLC 2006
  • HSC Code
  • ISM Code
  • IMDG Code


Through the performance of regular Periodic Statutory Surveys & audits INSB Class verifies ships Statutory certification compliance.

Energy Efficiency Assessment & Approval Services (EEDI)

INSB Class also offers services relevant to the assessment, approval and certification of:

  • Energy Efficiency design Index (EEDI)
  • Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI)
  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plana (SEEMP)

USCG Approval
INSB Class has been approved as a ship classification society by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) for purposes of 46 U.S.C. 3316 (c)(1), in reflection of our commitment to achieve ever-higher standards.

INSB classed vessels freely operate in the United States waters, on the same basis with IACS classed fleet.


Headquartered in Piraeus, Greece and backed by an expanding number of regional offices and field survey stations in all major ports worldwide, contact with us is really 24|7|365.

Our people have an understanding of your service expectations, your region’s conditions and prevailing regulations you anticipate from a reliable maritime partner.

We are positioned to closely monitor developments in the industry and the local markets by expanding our local presence and service points.

Building on INSB’s marine competence, experience and international presence, we help to add value to your business almost anywhere in the old.

Form the early stages of new building to the systematic survey and certification; we have the know-how and resources that makes sense to your company and your vessels.

Our committed professionals provide decisive support and assistance from the critical design phase, during construction and throughout the entire service life of your fleet.

Why work with INSB Class

  • We carry 4 decades of developed dynamics and potentials.
  • Maintain structural & mechanical efficiency.
  • International acceptability & recognition.
  • Conformance with Statutory related requirements.
  • Reduced response times while ensuring optimum and reliable performance of our services.
  • Ensuring quality growth for the classed fleet.
  • Offering specialized competencies.
  • Speeding up our key operational procedures to achieve further efficiency.
  • Strengthening the INSB technical presence in growing markets.
  • Continuously improve INSB performance in Port state control ensuring quality recognition of the classed fleet.
  • Compliance with Underwriters criteria and insurance policies.
  • Updated enforcement of Safety Regulations & Codes.

We have the Greek Maritime Tradition
We are a Greek Society
We are INSB Class



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