11 Dimitras Str. & Makron Tichon Str. 18540 Piraeus, Greece Tel: +30210 4520341 Fax: +30210 4186016 E-mail: info@electropneumatic.gr www.electropneumatic.gr


ELECTROPNEUMATIC SA was established in 1983 and since then it has been offering services and solutions with great success both to the Marine and the Industry sectors. Furthermore, it has been specialized in installation and maintenance of Electronic and Pneumatic Automation systems in every port around the Globe. Our staff consists of approximately 20 highly skilled technicians & engineers. The company’s services are organized in the following sections:

Α) Electrical Installations.
B) Pneumatic-Hydraulic Systems.
C) Department of Automation and Programming
D) Supply Department
E) Electrical and Hydraulic Systems Constructions
F) Department of Research and Design of Electrical Drawings and Automation.

Featured applications in
Monitoring alarms
Maneuvering systems
Fire boilers
Invert gas systems
Calibration checks

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